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jeudi 15 septembre 2011

Best Work Cafeteria Food.. where else but in France?

France is truly a very advanced country when it comes to taking care of the health and welfare of its citizens. Where in the world would you find employers providing so many services for their employees: subsidized annual holidays (which are 4 weeks in length), gifts to younger children in the family, education, health etc etc..
at a time when every one is talking about increasing obesity, especially in the nouveau wanna be european countries (Kerala leads India in Childhood Obesity and Malaysia leads Asia in Childhood Obesity for example), it is better to copy the French example of civic society (rather than mindlessly copying the western fashions)
Most companies or companies in the same locale would contract caterers to provide good healthy lunches for their employees. If you are interested in the health of your employees, you give them at least one hour for lunch and also make sure that healthy food is available to them, and also make it reasonable. USA is far far behind in this department.
Today I had lunch at one such work place cafeteria in France.
The menu, shown above was:
Sauteed shrimp in banana and coconut
served with vegetables of choice
three varieties of cheese with tasty bread
apple crumble for dessert
0.5 liter bottle of sparkling Mineral water, Badoit in this case
a nice strong coffee to finish it off..
Such a meal cost less than 10 usd and the same meal outside the cafeteria of the same quality can easily cost twice the amount.
Merci beaucoup, France..