dimanche 4 septembre 2011



The last time I visited Bangalore was in February of 2010. This time was a visit of 4 days and here are some observations

The Quality of Food in Restaurants have definitely gone down. the Indian people with whom I ate at these restaurants agreed with me.
The prices have doubled on most of the food items.
The Newspapers are bordering on Rubbish, Rupert Muroch would look like a knighted intellectual compared to the news coverage on Paper, Internet and TV
The obsession with the private life of Bollywood Stars have become the news of the day. Libya? who cares? as long they have good looking men and women with no acting talent who wouldn't get into an off off broadway production
India as a whole is a theatrical production, every one acting a part which are not their true selves. Every one seems to be wanting to be someone else and somewhere else..
People from Kerala still to me, seem to be the sweetest of all Indians....

Air Asia to KL. I have no doubt that I will get better South Indian Food in KL than in Bangalore.
The ordinary India is very interesting when people stop acting fantasy roles and accept the reality of India, sweet people who are manning the shops, railway stations...

Now to comment on the best meal of my four days here was at Coconut Grove in Central Business District. The seating and the ambience was befitting a tropical country, waiting staff dressed nicely and hospitable, made to order food, delicious Kerala Cuisine... very satisfactory dining experience, despite more than average prices. Thank you