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vendredi 9 septembre 2011


It does feel good to be back in Malacca. a certain tranquility not to be found in KL or Singapour, which lies 2-3 hours away on either side of Malacca.
this time wanted to concentrate on the Dutch Contribution to Malacca.
No 8 Heeren Street
a National Monument of a house of a dutch merchant
The cranes at the riverside to unload the merchandise from the time of the dutch
The remnant architecture reminding one of Curacao on some buildings in the area just across the river
the historic centre of the city with dutch church and Stadhuys.
and then there is the neglected cemetery of the Dutch

The presence of Zheng He is being felt more and more due to the indefatigable work of Dr Tan. The magnificence of the history of this greatest of the navigators loom over the city..