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jeudi 15 septembre 2011


American Indians place a lot of importance on Gratitude, feeling happy with what you have, (and thus not feeling unhappy with what you dont have) and they make a point of expressing their gratitude in their own culturally specific fashion. Baracoa Photos
This photo of Baracoa is courtesy of TripAdvisor

More than once during any given day I am grateful for the life which has been given to me, and last year someone told me to make up a gratitude list each morning. It comes naturally, you dont have to think who appears in it, but whoever appears in it, has some special relationship with you..
As I prepare to go to Lunch for a nice rendez vous, this is my gratitude list for today:
Paris and the sacrifices to make my life comfortable and Love that is like a Bakery in the Sky
My Connections in USA: mainly my sister for being well and always thinking of my welfare. My American Indian family and their struggles and allowing me to be part of the great culture which has left indelible impressions on me. My american Indian sisters are close to my heart. My teachers from various tribes whose words come repeating back to me.
My dear loved ones, especially who give me so much tenderness and love: Adriana, Loraine, Yanetsy, Claudia, Danielita and good friends who are like tatto in your heart: cari amparo bebe yamina yandry tania castro and so many others.. Thank you for continuing to allow me to be in your life.
I know that in the coming months, my life would revolve around: Paris Miami and La habana
I am so eager for that....