vendredi 11 septembre 2009

What am I doing here?


MunChing with two Hocank youngsters

Today is 10th September 2009. In exactly 11 days, I will leave MIAMI for a long flight to KLIA.. leaving at 5 45 pm local time and arriving TWO days later at 1500 local time..
How long do I plan to stay in KL?
Just three days!
Are you crazy you may ask.. not at all. I am going there to see my best friend in
Asia.. MunChing!
Siince I met her in Siem Reap in January 2008, she has helped me in a thousand ways. Apart from helping me with my projects in
Cambodia and Myanmar.. she travelled with me to both Cambodia and Myanmar and has contributed to the health care projects in both countries.
In 21 months, I would have been in KL about ten times, that is ten times coming in and ten times going out.. always from KLIA and each time she has picked me up and delivered me to the airport. You know how far it is? very long ways from KL,
When I am there, she takes time off her work (thus having used up most of her holidays)( she has a very responsible job as Chief of Finance section of a well known company in KL)..
plus on three different occasions, organized Facials at Guinot in KLCC and pedicure/manicure/haircut at A Cut Above in Bangsar. I dont take taxis nor LRT but my best friend is always there to ferry to my destinations, making appointments to meet intellectual friends we have made in common, not only in KL but also in Malacca and Penang.
I a truly grateful to have met her and her unselfish committment to this friendship.
It is not always I who travels the long distance, she made an effort in july of this year to come and witness the annual celebrations of the HoCank Indians of
Truly a wonderful Human Being, a great ambassador for Malaysian People and also a very atypical chinese person, when it comes to the time, effort and money she spends on her friends, which includes not only me but many scattered around
Shanghai, New York and the Indian subcontinent..
She speaks Fluent Malay (reads and writes in it) and is a frequent visitor tothe Bookstore at KLCC.. being an avid reader, a habit she picked up in NYC.. She subscribes to the weekly newsmagazine The Economist, in my opinion the most erudite analytical news magazine in the english language..
That is why i am willing to travel Air France Miami to Paris 8 h 45 min Paris to Amsterdam 1hr 30 min and KLM Amsterdam to KLIA 13 hours... and back to Paris 13 hours on Malaysian Airlines just three days later.
Thank you so much, MunChing my best friend in all of