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dimanche 13 septembre 2009

I am going to work 12 september 2009

I thought to myself, I am going to work… On this day, 12th September 2009

As the Continental Airlines 767-400 took off from CDG, I had a curious sensation: I am going to work! All of a sudden, the ten hour flight to IAH seemed bearable!

Travel and its significance has changed this year..

India: February. Meeting the remarkable Blind Astrologer of Madras/Cennai

Malaisie: May. Good Food/Conversations

Myanmar: May. A sentimental journey to the Hat Sellers of Chaungtha

Havana: June. Love and Affections

USA: various times to be with American Indians, to be with sister jackie in Miami

The only Tourist visit was a weekend spent in New York City in the company of MunChing, Samiye and Nancy, meeting Ada, Neem.. and seeing English/Spanish version of The West Side Story.

This year I will attain Platinum Frequent Flier Status (have already flown more than 75000 necessary) on Continental Airlines and Inshallah, Gold Status on Air France ( you really have to fly a lot on them to get Gold Status! They don’t award miles actually flown but according to what you pay, fair enough I suppose).

Where does Travel end and Life Begin? The boundaries have long been blurred: Travel, Life and Work. Work has never been that stressful after I made a decision very early in my career that I will direct Work rather than it dictating to me!

Forthcoming Trip: Miami to Kl on 21Sept 2009 and then KL to Paris on 26th Sept 2009.. Once again food for the mind and body in KL..

Life and travels among the American Indians, Paris where the Heart and the Dreams are and Havana for the unending feast of emotions!