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lundi 28 septembre 2009

Journey to Friends Food and Other Loves Day 4 Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur

The wait at the Amsterdam Schipol Airport seemed interminable. There were lots of japanese boarding their flights to Tokyo. The KLM club is spacious and full of amenities. I tried to sleep but couldnt, even though i saw many people slumped over their chairs after long intercontinental flights, including a very large chinese woman sleeping in a reclining position in a chair with a large baby on her chest who was also sound asleep.
KLM 089 Boeing 777-300 will fly us from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur on its way to Djakarta and coming back the same evening to fly back to Amsterdam. There are not too many direct flights into Kuala Lumpur from Europe. MH flies to a few destinations in Europe but not on a regular basis except to London. KLM flies in from Amsterdam, Lufthansa flies three times a week from Frankfurt.. no other european or australian or american airlines at this most modern facility. I wonder what it means? is it because every one flies into Singapore?
Compared to the elegance of the Air France Staff, the cabin staff of KLM exhibited their nordic stock, big men and women with long blond hairs with purposeful gait and stern voices.
fortunately they had left the seat next to me vacant and that made the journey very comfortable. The surprise of the journey was a Dutch wine! a dutch wine? you might ask, yes, De Linie 2008 from North brabant, Holland. First ever time to taste a dutch wine (combining the fruits of Pinot Blanc, Bacchus and kerner with crispiness of Riesling and the soft spicinessof Gewurtztraminer witha bit of Pinot Noir thrown in.. a combination indeed, but it was tasty)
The dinner began with Tandoori Salmon with indian spices and marinated cucumber. The salmon is my favoured fish but if there were indian spices in it, my taste buds failed to detect them. Seared fillet of Hake served with cepe sauce and mixed garden greens and alkmaar-style barley. Just before arriving in KL they served a spanish omelette served with tortilla and courgette and cherry tomato. By then I was already dreaming of Teh Tahrek and Roti Canai waiting for me in KL! The dessert wine was a delicious one from Riverina in Australia, Lillypilly Sweet Harvest, made from three varieties of late picked grapes, including Riesling and Muscat. It reminded me of the dessert wine on QF when my good friend Sandra Kennedy was in charge of the front cabin on a flight from Melbourne to Los Angeles less than one year ago..
The best thing about this flight was the arrival at KLIA where a nicely toothy smiled Chinese air hostess welcomed us HOME.. Welcome Home, a nice ring to it.. in fact I felt I was coming home, my rediscovered Home.. and the House of Glass at Seri kembangan of course..