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dimanche 6 septembre 2009

Sorry, I want to say to the Japanese Lady, in Marais, Paris

Corruption of Morality to other Human Beings

Last night, around Midnight, was walking along Marais, a Hip neighbourhood of France, after a very satisfying dinner at Breizh Café, a Breton owner with Creperies in Japan and now in France!

Someone approaches and offers a Rose. We are so used to con people, usually women in long dresses and their heads covered, offering this or that, they say , it is just a gift and then try to get a few Euros out of you. I usually politely say no, and move on. So the immediate reaction this time also was that… But a second later, as the lady passed me by, I realized that it was a very nicely dressed Japanese lady who probably wanted to give us the rose some admirer had given her…I felt so terrible, this corruption of morality in which a gesture as gentle as this had to be reciprocated in such harsh terms, in this reality of western world.

All large cities in Europe (and America, but their very few cities are pedestrian friendly) have huge numbers of legal and illegal immigrants, who are eking out a few centavos, selling fake clothes, things made in China of familiar brands, in Paris, Bangladeshis by the millions, are selling fruits and nuts by the road side.. I have immense sadness to see this. With all the progress the rich countries have made in the last 100 years, we still only steal the best from the developing countries but close the doors on the thousands who would benefit by a human glance from the rich.

Look what Cuba does! A poor country by any standards, but it educates THOUSANDS and thousands poor students to become professionals and go back to their own countries and help their countrymen and at the same time make a decent life for themselves. Isn’t it better to be a teacher in Zanzibar than selling flowers at a metro stop? I have immense pride in this action of Cuba which educates 18000 doctors for Latin America and 5000 doctors for Africa at any one time...

In the meantime, I am really sorry for my action of not accepting the rose from that lovely Japanese lady, at Marais last night around midnight...