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samedi 19 septembre 2009

Looking for Postcards in Miami

I had promised the Indians in Nebraska that I would send them postcards from my forthcoming destinations and I had made up my mind to write to many patients of mine, as was my custom when I began working with them.
With that in mind, I searched the Kendall area of Miami for post cards... I never thought it would be this difficult!
at one store, the girl behind the counter did not even understand what i was after.. I reminded her that people used to write to one another .. it was a little sad but good to witness the death of the written word.. i went to about 10 different places and none of them had postcards of Miami, they had large centres of prefilled in greeeting cards, magnets and also keychains made in China inviting you to come and enjoy the beach, but no postcards..
I will try again tomorrow at some of the more popular chemists stores, with the hope that i can get a few so that on my next leg, a long trip to Asia, i can start writing postcards to my friends, Indians and Non Indians alike..