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lundi 28 septembre 2009

Journey to Friends Food and Other Loves Day 3 Miami to Paris to Amsterdam

I was the last one to board the Air France Flight 095 to Paris, as I had lingered longer at the new Delta Airlines Club at Miami Airport. The French Canadian gate agent was gracious and soon I was seated in my requested seat next to a stern looking lady from northern sweden, with whom I had nothing in common and it manifested itself in the silence of the journey.
I was not able to rest well on this trip, the begining of a long trip to Kuala Lumpur, with changes of planes in Paris and Amsterdam.
The aircraft was a fairly new Airbus 340-300 and as is usual with Air France flights to and fro Miami from Paris, it was full.
I looked forward to a nice meal. The champagne was Henriot Brut Souverain, a non-vintage brut champagnes of the region, comprising of 60 % Pinot Noir and 40% Chardonnay. Nice start of a meal.
Scallops marinated in champagne vinegar and pesto
Glazed filletof salmon accompanied by beans and basmati rice with wasabi
a good selection of cheese
peach tart
The breakfast just before arriving in Paris was supposed to be crepe with herbed srambled eggs and grilled sausage but the pleasant breton flight attendant said there was pork in them, so i had to forego that..instead had some nice croissant and breakfast pastries.
After arrival at CDG, walked over to terminal 2C to go to the Air France Arrivals lounge where a very lean french woman from Reunion or Mauritius offered a warm welcome. A long shower and cleaning up and checking of email and then time to board the flight to amsterdam for the short 40 minute flight, but being a French Airline, they offered some tasty morsels for the flight, along with a glass of Champagne.