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mardi 29 septembre 2009

Makan in Malaysia.. so Delicious..

Even as a child, I thought of Malaysia as a destination for Food! so in the 72 hours that I spent in KL on this trip to see Friends, I managed four dinners and three lunches! All Asian Food.. Chinese or Indian. Chinese food were at Sam You, Oversea and Eden. Indian food were at the homes of Expatriate Indian Execs working for Media company: excellent food! I have always maintained and received better Indian Food in Malaysia than India itself, that may something about my tastebuds rather than India! the only mediocre meal was a foreign meal: fukuya Japanese restaurant. The moral of the story is Do not Eat foreign food.. non indian, non malay, non chinese food while you are visiting Malaysia. Always ate with friends that makes the food even tastier..
The next visit to Malaysia is planned for July 2010, to attend the First International Zheng He Conference organized by Dr Tan Tan Sen in Malacca. Long time to wait, but worth it..then there is always Paris...