samedi 30 septembre 2017


Today is YOM KIPPUR, the most important day in Jewish Calendar. I thought fondly of the other times, when and where I had been present to be with my fellow brethren: Ash family who introduced me to the Liberal Synagogue and Rabbi Levy in Melbourne; walking to the synagogue with the Fischbein family in Malmo; New York, Miami and once even in Galveston, Texas and nice feelings at the synagogue in Kingston, Jamaica.
I am a wanderer and my desire has always been to help others, so I chose Medicine as a career and chose the Indigenous people as the group to assimilate into, to be able to assist.
Last night I had to give a talk to a group of Educators in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan about some cultural aspects, as I am an Anthropologist as well, to assist the American Indians in a respectful fashion. I met so many nice people and felt so fulfilled in my heart.
I wanted to hurry back to Miami as the Fast began.
Now that we have such advanced technology, (proud to say that much of which came from Israel), I was able to follow Kol Nidre and also the morning service. Neshuva in Los Angeles and the Central Synagogue in New York City all broadcast their services and are watched by thousands around the world.
The closing prayers are rather moving. The sermon by Rabbi Stephanie Kolin was relevant and thought provoking.

Afterwards, I checked YouTube and listened to the same songs in the Yemeni tradition and felt even better since that chanting resonates to my oriental Jewish heart.
Suddenly, out of somewhere or other, I had a great desire to listen to Leonard Cohen’s Dance with me to the end of love. I was able to find the following video. While it is a beautiful love song, Cohen himself was moved to write that after digesting the horrors of the Holocaust that affected our people and the various injustices happening around the world, currently and in the past.
I thought, Leonard Cohen, may he rest in Peace, brings with his unique voice a sentiment felt by so many of us, whether we are Jewish or not, the one of Love.

Tonight I will be with my closest friends in Miami, Dr. M and his lovely South African wife, G. I think of the harmony among them and dedicate this song by one of our own from Canada, Leonard Cohen, to their longstanding love and understanding of what it is to love to the end of love!

especially to the Last Jews of Cochin
to the Last Jews of Iran, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Yemen, Morocco, Algeria, Libya, Tunisia
to the last jews of Burma