dimanche 17 septembre 2017


Miami airport was closed during and after the Hurricane Irma, I had to wait two extra days in Doha, Qatar. 15h 20 minute flight from Doha to Miami, it was a beautiful flight AirBus 350. The flight had wi fi and I was not at all bored, as I kept myself busy reading and writing and communicating with wi fi.

The Electricity had returned to the house of my sister the day I returned, so when I came into Miami, I was surprised to see how normal it looked.
Restaurants were open, we ate at Kampai, with unfriendly Thai pretty boy waiters and others of complex oriental nationalities and a Honduran who left Tegucigalpa to find a better future in USA. The food was not exceptional and the large quantities made ones appetite disappear. A glass of cheap Pinot Grigio made the Mango Roll more palatable.
 Miami has always been close to my heart and when I was a student here I took full advantage of all that was available and had an immensely pleasurable time. I have lived in many other countries since then but it is Miami that I come to loose my liminality of constant travelling.
At one time, I kept in touch with many people in Miami but lately I dedicate my time to my good friends M and G and last night we chatted for nealy 9 hours.. there is always something new, something exciting and something to rehash.. lovely conversation, to which the Yiddische word Schmoozing can be applied..

 The storm surge must have brought insects, so a crowd of Ibis could be seen busily plucking away at the salt water covered grass.
 Cafe Creme is a French American Restaurant, with a good ambiance. A nice crowd was gathered and the temperature was ideal to enjoy a French inspired Chicken Curry (to distinguish it from the Curry one eats at an Indian Restaurant).
To enjoy such a nice meal so soon after a category 5 storm threatened Miami, shows the unpredictability of weather in Miami
It was time to leave Miami to go to the Indians. When returning AVIS rent a car, the attendant says to me: I remember you, you are the doctor from Cuba!
I was astonished as I had not seen him in over two years and what is that made him remember me, when he sees so many people in the course of his day? 
Such connections can easily be made in Miami!