lundi 11 septembre 2017


I am beginning to understand Qatar a little bit and I like it. 
The Qataris, native to this desert peninsula with a long history dating back to the beginning of Islam and before, want to share the wealth equally among themselves but they want to do it in style and with a little bit of compassion.
250 000 Qataris have imported 1 500 000 guest workers from all parts of the world: White, Black and Brown and Yellow. 
They share their wealth to these unfortunate people who have come to Qatar to improve their lives a little bit whether they came from France or Bishkek. Every one seems to be happy to be here, they were not forced to come here, they came knowing what the rules are and they play by the rules.
Qatar is an Arab Muslim country, but more tolerant in the vein of Oman, my favourite Arab country.
Here I am looking at the desert and the bay , the haze as the temperature rises above 100 F.
 I opened a bottle of Badoit and had this great desire to listen to some Israeli Music.
I am a Jew and Israel has a special meaning in my life and even in Qatar whenever I get a chance I praise the qualities of the State of Israel!
Nearly 50 % of the Israelis have some traits in common with the Arabs, from Morocco to Yemen, and this connection is what makes a country like Qatar or Oman  endear themselves to my heart!
I listened to a song by Sarit Haddad (she is descended from the Mountain Jews of Caucus, considered as an Exotic Jewish Community, much like the Cochin Jews) singing about ABBA  or Father..I have here the youtube video with Spanish subtitles..
The pleasure was immense:
here is a descendant of Mountain Jews of the Caucus mountains, an Israeli singing in the manner of the Arab people (the music is called Mizrachi, denoting the oriental origin of the Jews of the Arab countries), and the theme is an universal theme of love between a daughter and her father..

I was truly happy..

The long tunics worn by Qatari men are truly elegant and they carry themselves well.
As I looked up from my table, I saw a tall elegantly clad Qatari smiling at me and soon we became friends.
I have invited him and his son, who incidentally likes antique automobiles to come and visit Cuba.