dimanche 3 septembre 2017


This is my favourite spot in France, so far. France is a beautiful country and I have seen just a small portion, perhaps I will get a chance soon enough to explore France and practice my French language skills!
The first two days of my stay, it was just gorgeous, sun was shining at times beating down, blue blue soft skies and the wind no more than a caress.

 Then suddenly everything changed this morning. It began raining and the sky became gloomy with threatening clouds, no thunder or downpours but relentless rain, not letting up for most of the day 
I went for a drive along the coast they call Cote Sauvage.. the wild coast.. It was just so beautiful, I felt my heart filling up with poetry, the wind, the foam, the swell, millennial affection between the sea and this savage coast..who made which savage?
I took in the scenery and drove on, narrow road with curves and then pretty little Breton(Bretagne) villages, housing a couple of hundred people each but neat and tidy and defiant against such weather with their thick walls.
I came to the port of Pontivy where I remember having an exceptionally good dinner with my sister and her husband three years ago. 

 Poetry began welling inside me, i thought all those whom I love and who love me, scattered around this planet of which this sea and the outlet and the foam and the savage coast are all part of.
I thought of Pablo Neruda who loved the coastline of his thin country, from his house in Valparaiso he could survey the bay and the coast and from his house in Isla Negra he was and he lies in his grave so close to the sea he loved so much. He has written a lot of poems and sonatas about the sea, fisherman and the tragedies and the struggle.
Strangely but no strangely enough, there is a poem of Pablo which is on a plaque laid down near the centre of this small town of Quiberon.
The mood today of the sea and sky was purely Neruda-esque.
What to do on a day like this, melancholic and inspiring one of loneliness and saudade.
repair yourself to a creperie and indulge in this Brittany associated paper thin, froment o ble crepe with fillings. It reminds me of DOSA one of my favourite south Indian dishes which I tasted just a few days ago in Kuala Lumpur.

I had a crepe Marine and i truly enjoyed the crepe, of course smoked salmon is one of my all time favourite foods!
Is it a coincidence that just four days ago I had a dosai made to order for breakfast at Hilton Hotel in Kuala Lumpur and when I saw Smoked Salmon I decided to add it to the Dosai? 

Is the famous Crepe related to the humble Dosai? That is for another blog..