mardi 5 septembre 2017


I have flown this route many a times, and each time I pass over Constantine, I cannot help think of the Algerian Jews made homeless and made into refugees by the newly independent Algeria and its government FLN. Many Jews were sympathetic to its cause, while a majority maintained a neutral attitude, that is not siding with France. Within a few months of the assassination of a well known Jewish singer in the open market by FLN, most of the Algerian Jews chose to leave the country, knowing what was in store for them.
Most of the Algerian Jews, unlike the other Maghrebian jews left for France rather than Israel.
The most famous son of Constantine is Enrico Macias and I am always touched when I listen to him sing  Je Suis Juif Espagnol.. which carries so much more meaning in the current phobic climate spreading in Europe and USA..talking of walls and exclusion, this song reminds me of Inclusion of the OTHER, of which I am one, you are one, whilst we may not be excluded in the lives we have made for ourselves in Australia or England or America.
People talk about Palestinian Refugees, Eritrean and Somali refugees, but have you heard any one mention about the ONE MILLION JEWS made homeless and refugees by the ARAB countries?

Anti-semites and those envious of Jews as a people can take this for a consolation: Countries who expel their Jews take an incredible hit on their road to become modern and intellectual and leave a mark in this world. It has been proven over and over again. Just look at Spain, it still has not achieved  its intellectual magnificence 500 years after expelling Jews! Same goes for Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Morocco, Algeria, Libya, Yemen who altogether kicked out one million Jews.. it will be a very long time before they can be considered to be equal in the civilized world. It is not that Jews who lived there contributed to letters and arts but they certainly made the situation possible by creating an atmosphere of liberal thinking and intellectual pursuits and a joy in reading and writing.
As the greatest historian of Islam and Islamic world, Bernard Lewish has stated (he is a British Jew):
The Islam can claim to be civilized when they would begin to give Women equal rights in their society and treat the minorities amidst them with equality and liberty and dignity.

Until then, please learn the words to the song by Enrico Macias
Je suis Juif Espagnol..