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jeudi 11 mai 2017


TODAY is 11th May 2017, I am in Room 3401 of the Executive Floor of Double Tree Hotel in Kuala Lumpur. I had come to Kuala Lumpur to find solace to my heart, and I made the right decision to come here, as this country is yet another fit into my character.
Not all countries fell into place in my heart. When I left Brussels last Sunday 7th May 2017, my heart was heavy. I have lived in four European countries and only in one could I say I was happy: that is London, England. I had live theatre to enjoy in the language I loved, good university where I could mingle with the intellectuals who were not elitist, a nice place to stay where I did not feel like an intruder. Sweden, France and Belgium are the other three countries, and in each of the three I felt like an outsider, not fully fitting in, not finding my equilibrium. Each of the countries I had departed with no great regrets.
I left for Doha on Qatar Airways and to their lounges and their hospitality and the sadness began to ebb away.
Today is only my second day in KL and I feel rejuvenated and once again in command of my nationality and cultural identity. It is a paradox of our times that I feel comfortable being a Jew in this Muslim majority country than I did in Paris or Brussels where I felt that the general population did not sympathize with my people. The French PM Vals would make a statement, rather elegant, about not wanting to loose Jews to Israel or America (5000 french jews left France in 2015) but even the educated French, despite their sympathy towards Jews during the second World War, harbour a thinly veiled discontent towards the Jews, whether Israeli or French.
Within four days, my equilibrium had returned and that tells me something, like those 5000 Jews who left France, I too do not belong in France or Belgium for that matter. I feel better, it had come quicker than I thought so I better accept this fact of life: American Indians have taught me, you will come across Good and Bad people, when you are in the company of Bad people, just go around them.
I go around you, oh France and Belgium!
The quickness with which I rebounded also made me realize that there are refuges in my life: certain countries, certain groups of people and certain individuals who inhabit various corners of this planet and on top of it, my intense desire to be part of the story of the people I meet however short an interaction but I want to transact that interaction well, a pleasant one, to leave a moment of sweetness or tenderness behind.
so one needs time and place and people. Qatar Airways and their staff provided the transfer of my senses from Belgium to Kuala Lumpur with a couple of stops in between.
My best friend in Asia, MCY, was there provide the optimism of her life, her view on life without judgement and the enthusiasm for the present undertakings. she doesn't give advice on how to, but allows her students and her friends to express themselves. 
I have felt that the role of a friend is to share time, and also be a refuge.
Lunch today was at TOSCA, an italian eatery in the Double Tree Hotel and surprisingly the food was authentic and tasty. But the conversation was even more important to the soul.

 My Cuban mother said to me during my early years in Cuba, when foreigners come to Cuba they fall in love with a Cuban but you , on the other hand, have fallen in love with Cuba. I thought, I could fall in love with a Cuban but when that love vanishes, the love for Cuba might also vanish. But if I am in love with Cuba, no other person can interfere with it.
I like being in love with Cuba, AND   there is no conflict arising out of it. This is the GOOD PATH, the Indian talk about. When you find the Good path, embrace it, they say.
The Cuban Ambassador was kind enough to spare me a couple of hours and we had a delightful conversation. As another Cuban ambassador, Sr Monzon had told me, she is a star. very knowledgeable and clever, I am happy she is representing Cuba here, and we talked about the welfare in cultural and social sense, of the love we have for the island of ours, we both represent in different fashions.
The dusk was falling, observing it coming down like a curtain over the buildings, obliterating the amber colour of this eternal spring.
I was at the Executive Club, so friendly and  capably run by Atty, She looked tired from all the meetings she has been attending but still I could feel her enthusiasm for the service of the people who come up to this corner of the hotel.
They were serving Pancik Fish as well as Chicken Wings. I poured my self a glass of wine, which was soon refiled by Mr H one of the attendants. 

 As I was sitting looking at the sunset I realized I have to leave tomorrow from this hotel. 

i began to feel a little sad. I told Atty, the Club Manager, I feel a little sad about leaving, you have become like a family to me
It is true, the workers at this hotel, take good care of me and I return eagerly each time and leave refreshed.
More than any other time, I needed this stay at this hotel, ensconced in room 3401, and I feel much better now that I felt just one week ago.
It was a pleasure to meet Mlle EM a hospitality student from VATEL in France.

It is time to pack. May the WINDS bring me back to these shores soon enough so that once again I can enjoy the company of each and every one of my friends, old and new, in Kuala Lumpur.

I leave Kuala Lumpur happier a man than the one who got off the 7 hour flight from Doha.

in the video posted, you can feel the genuine happiness of the people, the togetherness and the feeling of the community. I felt so good watching their videos, they are Israelis, they sing in Hebrew, many of which are prayers that I can recognize. They are of Yemeni origins and I can see, for sure, the resemblance of Yemenite and Cochin Jews..
Yes, I am one of them/us.