jeudi 4 mai 2017



 The check in area for First and Business Class passengers are set aside, and as I was flying First Class to Cairo (there is no Business class on this flight), I was able to use the First Class check in counter. The service and efficiency was beyond belief. 
When you fly in North America and Europe, you begin to loose faith in the human interactions and transactions but to be treated as special which seems to be uniform across the QR system. Abraham Seguye from Kampala checked me and the Immigration line and Security line dedicated to First Class passengers made that transit just a breeze.
When was the last time, a personal agent, polite and efficient and educated and you, sat down in a private office while checking into a flight?

I am a great fan of AL Mourjan Business Class Lounge considered to be the Best Business Class Lounge in the World, and had never thought of going to AL Safwa First Class Lounge. 
Abraham Seguya suggested that I try the First Class Lounge and I can assure you that there is nothing of this sort in USA or Europe in an Airport.
It is opulent with all sorts of facilities with many young men and women from all over the world attending to your needs, a well stocked bar and you can have a sit down dinner or lunch or a casual dining.
 The dining room was spacious and I ran into at least three people I had met during my stopover in Doha at the Al Moujan Lounge  Prabath from Sri Lanka, Elvira from Sri Lanka, and another young man from Cochin
 It was only 10 am and the menu was still the Breakfast one, Prabath informed me that within a few minutes and Ginson from Kadavanthura in Ernakulum informed me that Sea Bass would be a good choice. A nice champagne was chosen.
While I was waiting for it to be ready, I sipped on a little bit of Foul Madames, thinking of my Mizrachi Brother in Portland.

I had travelled the day before from Miami to Doha, a 14 hour flight, and the sleep was at best fitful. I was not tired but the droning of the aircraft usually lulls me into sleep
 This time it was no different. Helen from Kampala Uganda wondered why I did not wish to eat. After a sip of Billecart-Salmon champagne, I slept most the 3 hours flight to Cairo, dozing off. I would have liked to have tried the Chicken Biryani on the offer.
 The flight had arrived at the shiny new Terminal 2 at Cairo and everything else about it was not shiny! I will write later about my (and the other travellers experiences) of trying to go from one gate to another in the same terminal which took us nearly one hour and half, with multiple interventions, paperwork and beauracratic hurdles.. you might as well ask: just to change gates in the same terminal ? Yes ,and I recommend that you try it once and you will never return to Egypt ever again.

 esconsed in seat 2 F, i tried the non alcoholic so jennie Bubbly, ah well 

 Prawns with couscous as an appetizer and Lamb as a main course.

 The flight from Cairo to Doha was a short 2 hours 35 minutes. I am not a sweets eater but on flights, I can indulge in a chocolate praline gateaux.

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