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vendredi 5 mai 2017


Imagine it is nearly midnight, you are sitting in the Al Mourjan Business Class Lounge at the Doha Hamad International Airport; the body is beginning to feel tired and there is a 7 hour trip ahead of you and your destination in Brussels where the temperature is less than half of that of Miami!
The agent at Al Mourjan was very pleasant and I got the seat I wanted, and slowly walked towards the gate. At that time in the morning, the airport was buzzing with activity, with duty free (more expensive than stores in MIami) but it is a bit of razzle and dazzle and the cacophony of multiple languages and all different nationalities mingling with cohesion for a change.

 On entering the 787-8 aircraft I was joyously greeted by Joyce! from the Philippines, they are always intrigued when they see Dr. on the passenger list (I suppose most of the travellers on this section are Businessmen with MBA degrees?)
Are you a medical doctor?
and I added, you look very well and I dont think you need my help
I hope so, she giggles.
I was in seat 5 A with a kind of private feeling to it, and I did not even notice any other passenger during the red-eye flight that left Doha at 2 20 and arrived in Brussels at 745 am.
 and on your right, you have IRAN! a country I would love to visit, but too dangerous for me, as of yet. So incongruously it joins Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya, Egypt, Algeria (do you notice something these countries have  in common? Would Malaysia and Indonesia join this gang in a distant future?) as countries I wont be travelling to in the near future.
 I was not in a mood for food or drink. A mint Lemonade and that was it. Kate who was attending to our side, from Thailand, was pleasant but rather reserved. Soon the cabin dimmed and for the rest of the flight just before we landed, there was total silence with an occasional one watching a movie. The Business Class was full.
the soothing lavender interior lighting.

 Looking at the map, watching the journey and thinking of the various cities, many of them I have never ever have visited but have different affiliations, such as Koblenz above.
the city of BRussels was overcast and appropriately gloomy and grey, with a welcoming temeprature of 10 C. My friends told me that weather has been less than warm these days and it will continue with a promise of sunshine on Saturday. Typical.

In short, not a memorable flight, but it got you from Doha to Brussels in COMFORT AND DIGNITY (from what we hear about happening in the domestic flights in the USA.. Flight Attendants becoming little dictators treating passengers without dignity, I can NEVER EVER imagine that happening at QR. The CEO HE Akbar al Baker will make sure that does not happen! QR is not American Airlines or Delta Airlines or United AIrlines. None of them can hold a candle to Qatar Airways.