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mercredi 3 mai 2017


Flight ONE 
Miami to Doha 
Flying time 13 h 45 minutes 
777-300 ER
attended by Randa, Cairo, Egypt
Helena, Kenya, Cabin Manager 

I  am a great fan of QR Qatar AIrways and I have noticed that the Miami to Doha or vice versa flights are not usually to their best standards, perhaps because of the length? of the flight or the people who chose it?
There was nothing outstanding about the flight but i assure you that it was superior to any flights from any of the major USA based airlines to an overseas destination
I have come to expect the best from QR and the flight Doha to Miami a couple of weeks ago with Christopher MelloCastro attending to our side was nothing short of superb!

I wanted to travel light and the replacement hand luggage had earlier arrived in MIami, so I packed it lightly as well as some books and my laptop on my shoulder bag.
The two days in Miami were delightful, once again strengthening my relationships.
The Premium lounge run by American Airlines that Qatar uses is a tad above their usual offerings but nothing comparable to the Qatar Lounges. But I appreciated the peace and quiet for an hour or so before the flight departed
One could see One World partners lined up British Airways, Iberia; as well as some other European airlines such as Air Europa 
I am fond of seat 1K an infatuation started in 2008 when I took the Qantas flight from Los Angeles to Melbourne. In the newer aircrafts seat 1K stands alone, but this is a 777-300 ER where J and K are together. I told the FA that I would like to sit in 1K but would like to be alone.
A very sweet man came and sat in 1 J, but the FA very gently told him and he complied and I had both 1J and 1K throughout the long 13h 45 min flight 
The shoulder bag has come in handy in my international travels as it holds the MacBook Pro as well as books and notebook to write in thoughts .
It is harsh for the FA to do this, despite their rest period, a day after arriving from Doha. But QR crew are always cheerful, such as Randa from Egypt.
Qatar runs an efficient business model, and possibly the best in the world. While US and Europe based airlines are pleasing the investors, Qatar Airways aim to please their passengers. I have never experienced a bad flight with them, kein ayn hora, from the point of view of sullen stewardesses or authoritarian cabin managers who command a swift service and retire to their Sudoku, a common practice in the transatlantic flights on USA based airlines.

The food is First Class , comparable to a good grade restaurant. One has to choose well, as there are plenty on offer and with wine and champagne, my little stomach gets filled quickly.

I am not fond of sweets and desserts but I always make an exception on Qatar Airways, like this Cheese Cake followed by some ice cream.
The reading companion was Samanta Schweblin's Fever Dream. She is an argentine Jew who lives in Berlin and this first novel of hers is very gripping and hard to put down with unexpected turns at every line
Along with Israelis Amoz Oz and David Grossman, she is on the short list of 6 novelists for the Man Booker International Prize this year. Wish her good Luck.

The flight was rather bumpy once we left Miami, over the lower atlantic, approaching Acores and then towards Lisboa and through the Mediterranean to Egypt, across the Red Sea to Saudi Arabia and descending into Qatar Peninsula.

The Business Class arrival Lounge in Doha is a pleasure, a place to compose yourself and then clear Immigration. A quick security check, just for the passengers from the Lounge and you are outside, waiting for you ride to Hotel Oryx Rotana.
A shiny car awaited us and there was another passenger also bound to the hotel. He introduced himself as M. M from Riyadh who had gone to visit his best friend, the Saudi Cultural Attache. I presented myself as the Cuban representative and felt a tinge of jealousy when M.M told me that he has had the pleasure of meeting A, the older child of Fidel Castro. This chance meeting turned out to be good, he invited me to come to Riyadh and when I said, the visa situation to KSA, he said, I will help you, just send me the passport details. I told him that the Cuban Ambassador is still Sr E E, with whom I had talked before about meeting in Oman as he is accredited to Oman as well. The world has a way of connecting you!