jeudi 11 mai 2017


 I chose the right place to come, to get away from the conflicts and confusions in Brussels and Miami. Here I can be myself, don't have to put up any facades and don't have to worry what other people think of me: it is fun to be thought of as a Nepales guard on day off or a Bangladeshi working at the innards of a five star hotel!
I am staying at the Double Tree Hotel by HIlton in Jalan Tun Abdul Razak and the people at the Executive Club had organized a very nice room at the 34th floor for this much needed sojourn to calm my mind.
The day began with grey skies and the rain drops left over from the torrential rain the night before, but it held the promise of a bright day ahead, which it was to become.
 The breakfast was at the Club where Idlis and an excellent Tomato Chutney awaited. I also tasted the local noodles and fried rice, but the star of the show was Idli with tomato chutney.
I was in a hurry to finish reading this fascinating first novel FEVER DREAM nominated for this year's Booker Man International Prize, this thrilling story by an Argentine Jewish woman writing in Spanish, living in Berlin. Good Luck to Samanta.
 It is only short walk along a busy road, trapped as it is in construction and buildings heading up to the sky, one gets the view of the iconic KLCC building.
The roads were less but than normal and as I passed the Chinese Temple, I realized the reason. Today is Wesak day, a Buddhist holiday which is celebrated in Malaysia.
 appropriately after paying respects to Lord Buddha, I walked on to this shopping anamoly called KLCC shopping Centre. Domestic and indentured workers having their day off and also gawking tourists from India in their awkward fitting clothes, a conglomeration of nationalities predominantly from this region of the world, a plethora of asiatic faces into which I blend in nicely.
 Who are the people who buy COACH handbags and REMOWA luggage trolleys? I decided to enquire. Malaysians individually, especially those who visit KLCC are not in an economic position or emotional disposition to be attracted by these luxury goods, but I was told that Malaysia has the cheaper prices than the other places in the region, so their main customer group is from China. Prices for both the items mentioned above were 100 USD more here in KL than in the high street markets in Miami, for example. Ah well, to each his own.. to satisfy their own desires and go after them
 The best bookstore, a rare commodity in this mercantile illusion that cradles every city in Malaysia, KINIKUNIYA is at this building as well. Nice to see Murakami's new collection of stories about Men without Women, I made a note of the appropriateness of the title! I will get it from and it will be waiting for me and I look forward to reading this last offering from Murakami Haruki..
A well written with great enthusiasm by an aviation geek by a British Pilot for BA also attracted attention and i will also get that from
 Like many parts of the world, especially where there is a higher proportion of immigrants, intellectual life takes a back seat, Malaysia is no exception but over the course of the years of visiting this lovely country, I have made friends with some good calibre people and I was waiting for my best friend in Asia to join me for lunch, as I was longing to eat some South Indian food and KL is a good place for it.

 The various food courts at KLCC, offers a fantastic array of food from various parts of this region. I was looking forward to a Rava Masala dosai from Saravanna Bhavan and it was not disappointing.
 Ana has been running the GUINOT clinic at KLCC for more than ten years and I had not seen here in a while. The facial today was just superb and I have already made an appointment for my next visit! Felt so good after the simple Facial and the various creams from France!

Eating is the national pastime, restaurants every where and now they even have food trucks and the food is so reasonable and almost always tasty. It is a foodie place and destination.
 Looking back at this scene as I cross the bridge towards the hotel always bring a nostalgia, saudade.. FOR IRAN.. for someone from Karaj.
Back to the refuge of the 34 the Floor and a glass or two of Sauvignon Blanc from Oz, and they had the usual offerings: prawn fritters, banana banda and also some tofu prepared thai style

 The power of Internet. I had to answer queries about visits to Curacao, as well as American musician's query about their first visit to Cuba.
I had not caught up with the sleep, and soon the sleep that knits ravelled sleeves of care as Shakespeare said, was at the door..
 Early morning brought hopes and tender feelings and a quiet morning of meditation and thoughts and thinking about my friends all over the world and also the discovery of some new Mizrachi music from Israel.. 
Malay style fried rice with chicken prepared me for the rest of the day
that is how I spent my first day in Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, TRULY ASIA