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dimanche 3 juin 2012


Countries with low levels of teenagers giving birth accept sexual relationships among teenagers and provide comprehensive and balanced information about sexuality.  (Netherlands, Scandinavian Countries, Cuba etc)

There is an interesting graph about Teen Pregnancy and Religion in America, which holds the record for highest rate in the developed world.

Teen pregnancy and religion, by state

Each dot represents a state. There is a positive

 correlation between the importance of religion in 

daily life, and teen pregnancy

Source: Guttmacher Institute and Gallup
Highest rates of teenage pregnancy also happen to 

be in




New Zealand


USA also ranks high on Teenage Abortion...

So the rhetoric you hear among Politicians and what 

is happening on the ground do not resonate. 

France which has one of the least Religious Creedence in the western world, with more than 2 out three 3 considering religion unimportant
Also have lower levels
Teenage pregnancy

I will let the Epidemiologists, The Troubadours of Tragedy have fun with these data since they are trying to image, objectify what they see in papers and unsuccessfully connect it to the society. 

The very same countries where there are high rates of teenage pregnancies are also the fattest countries on earth?
What is the connection?
As you can see the fattest developed countries are all Protestant, the Catholic Ireland having a lower rate.
I have also noticed that in colonies of the Protestant Europeans the Obesity and Diabetes rates are higher than the ones colonized by the Catholics!
In fact the above fact seems to be more important than the race since
Among the Polinesians, the fattest are in the colonies of New Zealand and the ones who were colonized or ruled by Catholic French or Catholic Chile seems to be healthier…
Hope someone can have some fun thinking about this..