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samedi 23 juin 2012

The Friendliest HILTON hotel so far...

When I began traveling to the USA, I noticed that Loyalty to a brand: airline company, Hotel Chain, Book Store, Coffee Store, Restaurant was to be recommended and adds to the quality of your visit to this country.
Of course I am very loyal to the Native People.. which is accompanied by great joy..
The Hotel Group I like to stay is Hilton Hotels. This year I have been lucky to stay at Hilton Hotels in some unique places:  Salalah in Oman overlooking the shore where Zheng He stopped nearly 600 years ago! Kuching in Sarawak with a wondeful view over the river...
Here is the view of the sunset from my room at Hilton Americas Hotel right in the heart of Houston. I am here to attend an International Conference in Endocrinology so I will have no chance to enjoy Houston but I will have plenty of time to enjoy this hotel.
I am grateful to the personal attention given to me by the General Manger of the hotel (Mr. J deR); the Front Desk Manager(Ms.V.Y). I am always pleasantly surprised how erudite are the Concierge at Executive Lounges are: with the one in Salalah I could discuss the Persian language; the one in Kuching gave me detailed account of the history of a chinese fishing village and Mr J G here in Houston, reminded me of the historic significance of the Statue of Washington in Wall St in New York and the Church where Sr Washington had prayed after taking the oath as the First President! Ms J was very helpful at the Lounge.
The day was made sweeter by a meeting at the Poster Session, the meeting was held at the Convention Centre connected to the hotel: a doctor from Teheran, who will be appointed an Asst Professor of Endocrinology at Emory University, she had left Iran just six years ago and I appreciate her achievement... it was so good to talk about Shamlou, Shanameh and Hafez....