samedi 16 juin 2012


Last year, W S, an UmonHon, had announced publicly that from now on I was her brother. According to the Omaha Kinship system (the first kinship studied thoroughly so all kinship systems are referred to as Omaha Kinship), I inherited a large family of brothers, sisters, neices, nephews, grandchildren!
Already I was acquainted with the Merrick family and now it is their turn to take me in, thus people I have known and had been friends for a long time, began calling me and greeting me: Hello, Brother. After the initial adjustment, I began to realize the heavy responsibility of being adopted into a family. The true meaning of relationship became clearer to me. whatever affected the family members now was a part of your story as well. 
Mark who would have been sort of the eldest member of this clan and a Roadman, was celebrating his birthday and I showed up and was able to see the extended family to which I now belonged.
It was indeed an occasion to remember...I caught myself a couple of times, referring to the Rez, as "home" since that is what is for the family. When I invited a member of the M family to come to Miami, he said, it was enough once going away from the Rez, I am not leaving another time!
I am grateful for being accepted into the family and I will try to be a good relative..