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vendredi 8 juin 2012


I have been praying for three consecutive nights and also tomorrow, making it four, for the health of a person close to the two people that I love in Paris, France. I know that she will regain her health.
Each day as I close my eyes when I smell the sage and feel the heat, her face becomes clear in my vision. and each day it changes. First day it showed doubt, yesterday there was more happiness, and today I saw her distinctly in another place happy and healthy , perhaps with the Little One.
As two of my Indian brothers from the tribe are also sick, my resolve has increased: Look after your relatives..
Their welfare is my happiness... as one of my brothers said to me:
Be happy with what you have, do not be unhappy with what you do not have..

I have never felt so surrounded by Love and Affection!
I am Grateful to all of you!
La Habana, Baracoa, Karaj, Paris, Quiberon, Miami and the Indian country where I have many relatives!