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dimanche 3 juin 2012

HAVANA NAGILA Falafel in Cuba

I had stopped at my sister's house on my way to La Habana. Affectionate as she is, didnt want me to go without some middle eastern food, so thrusted a package of Falafel Mix. 
Recently, there has been some culinary diversity in La Habana. There is an Indian Resto called Bollywood and a maghrebien resto called, El Bedouino. Chefs at both places are Cuban who had come under the influence of someone of the cuisine of the country. I plan to visit both, to have a variation from Creole Cuisine is welcome indeed...
My friends in La Habana were very excited about this thing called Falafel which they had never tasted. One of my friends, offered to make it following the instructions and within one hour we had a sizzling plate of Falafel.  Viola!
But to my surprise, none of them liked it. Too Spicy.. Too Hot ... One has to remind oneself that spoiled as I am on Jamaican Curried Chicken at the home of my sister or a Good Vindalou along rue chapelle in Paris.. that most people cannot tolerate even mild spicy cuisine... ah well I tried...
As I arrived home, in La Habana, an excellent arroz con pollo was waiting and I had a nice bottle of Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand...with me.. ah well.. Life is good in La Habana...