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lundi 19 décembre 2011

UmonHon to Bretons via Los Cubanos

It has been an unusually mild winter week in the North Eastern Corner of Nebraska. I left at 11 am from the Blue House, while the skies were cloudless and blue. a brief stop at the Petrol Station to fill up the rental car. interesting to read the notices on the board. 12 30 I had returned the AVIS rent a car and then within a few minutes, had cleared the security and began the wait at the small but pleasant Omaha Airport Terminal. Dont expect anything worthwhile eating here.
CRJ 700 given seat 2 C and welcomed with a glass of Water. Suprised that wine asked for came in a plastic cup and had an off taste to it. A short wait at Houston airport, seat 1B. on neither flights cant even remember what the other person sharing the row looked like. That was flight no 128 for this year 2011.. Tomorrow' flight would put over the threshold for Elite Flier in the new United (Continental will be alas no moe)
10 35 pm arrived in Fort Lauderdale and by 11 pm I was once again on the road again, it was midnight when I arrived at my sisters home...
Waited for my usual cuban cofee this morning and it did feel like a nectar after two weeks: one on the frontier with mexico and the other in north eastern nebraska, in neither place there is a cafe, even though I must say the owner at Coffee Grinds fixed me up a Care Ameriano, worth remembering..
A Jamaican chinese residing in Jamaica, has bought a Chinese Resto near the house, all staff are recent arrivals from China, they dont look as threatening as the audacious leaders of the People's Republic, which is neither a republic nor the personification of people's dreams.
Like DPRK, neither Democratic, nor to do with People.. so next time when someone pronounces grandiose appellations, they might be broadcasting the truth, in a reverse sense.  May you rest in Peace, Kim of Korea..
The quality of food cannot be compared to the food i am used to in chinese restos in KL, but it was okay, it is better to eat the sugar peas buds and tofu than visit the nearest McDo...
MiA-EWR  CO seat 4E AF EWR-CDG Airbus 330-400 seat 19J
The next glass of champagne would be onboard AF
Happy Holidays. Hanukkah begins tomorrow night ..  

                                 the Last major trip for 2011 didnt turn out to tbe the best and in fact it might have been the worst long distance trip of 2011. I will write more about it in my personal travel blog
Because I organize my trips a couple of months in advance but my itineraries change, occasionally i am left with tickets which are a combination of flights, this was one of them and during the busy season it is not the best way to travel since every one at the counter is busy and not willing to go the extra minute to make your journey more pleasant. I flew CO from Miami to EWR which was pleasant as usual, but transferred to Air France in EWR and that portion of the trip was anything but pleasant. EWR to CDG and then on to London.  I kept on saying to myself why do I keep on flying Air France especially after the service provided to an elite tier member (I am a Platinum Flying Blue)! Once I leave Paris, i will bid adieu to Air France as well..
The best aspect of the entire trip yesterday was the Lounge at Terminal 4 at LHR, I even recognized some of the polish girls working there, who can forget a name like Agniezka? excellent lounge with great food: green thai curry chicken, samosas just to mention two, then coffee, and whatever else you want..
I am looking forward to a two week period of calm and quiet and peace and relaxation.
I have begun to read 1Q84 by Murakami Haruki and the movie yesterday on flight was Nader and Simin from Iran: an excellent movie ...
Happy and Healthy all my friends