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mercredi 21 décembre 2011

Touching to learn about Mr Sardari Iranian Diplomat in wartime France

This Iranian Diplomat saved the lives of thousands of Jews by confusing the Nazis by convincing them that Iranian Jews are of Aryan Origin and made them declare Iranian Jews as Aryans. He was a good Lawyer!
Tonight I will recite Kaddish, the Jewish Prayer of the Dead, in his honour when I light the Candle!
Chasm!   Chaver Irani!

Abdol-Hossein Sardari 1895 - 1981

  • 1925: Qajar Royal Family, of which Sardari is a member, loses control of Iran
  • 1936: Sardari gains law degree from Geneva university
  • 1940: Takes over Iran's diplomatic mission in Paris from brother-in-law following Nazi invasion
  • 1941: Saves thousands of Iranian Jews and others from persecution and death by gaining exemptions from Nazi race laws and helping them escape France
  • 1948: Seeks permission to marry long-term lover Tchin-Tchin, a Chinese opera singer, but she disappears in her country's revolution
  • 1952: Recalled to Tehran to face charges of misconduct and embezzlement relating to wartime issuing of passports
  • 1955: Clears name and resumes diplomatic career, eventually retiring to London
  • 1978: Loses pension and property in Iranian revolution
  • 1981: Dies unrecognised in South London but is posthumously honoured by Jewish organisations