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vendredi 23 décembre 2011


2012 The Year of Living Joyously
Each year brings its  special brand of happiness. 2012 would be no different and something entirely unexpected would happen ..
2006 turned my life upside down
MM in Paris
2007 began my wonderful friendships with Las Minas Psicologas de la Habana AA LL BB
2008 I met my best friend in Asia MC and then ML
2009 Yet another Eruption in my life, what a great Gift LBGS
2010 reaffirmation of my love for Cuba and Los Indios, Important Gifts from Chaungtha Beach, Myanmar
2011 The Gift has been Iran, introduced by MC and enhanced by NM. Adopted into a Family of UmonHon Tribe
My family now extends from Malaysia to France to Portland, Ore to Miami, Fla to Cuba. And among the Indians, I have numerous brothers and sisters: HoCank, UmonHon, Kickapoo and Lakota. I am truly grateful to them.
2011 was also a great year for my Anthropologically Oriented work among Los Indios: MS TK MWE VM SL comes to mind
So, I am waiting for you in 2012. There is hardly any place on earth that I cannot reach within about 36 hours! So give me a little notice!!
This card arrived today and it expresses my sentiments to all those I love in various parts of the world…

As I was about to blog this, I received a note from Singapour, regarding a collection of essays on Zheng He, the greatest Navigator of the Seas, to which I had submitted a personal note … Zheng He and Cochin

We have made a submission to the Institute of Southeast Asian Studies (ISEAS) and I am pleased that they have agreed to publish our book. 

Ah Well, Champagne arrived a day early, that is all!