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vendredi 16 décembre 2011

Shabbat Shalom and Happy Hanukkah: It is time to go HOME

On this Friday Night, I am in an Indian Reservation and having visited two tribes on this visit to North America, it is time to go HOME..
But the Lakotas wrote to say: your family here wait for you.. The Kickapoos in Mexico, I also feel at home with them..My sister and brother in law has a designated room for me in their house in MIami.. All of Cuba is my home, mi isla Rica.. I feel home also with MC and ML in SKB in Malaysia..
I a happy when I arrive at the Reservation of the Indians: South Dakota, Nebraska, Texas Border with Mexico, not your typical tourist destinations..No, Lonely Planet has not been here..
But it is time to go to France, Bretagne, Quiberon..I know the meaning of the English saying: Home is where the Heart is. It is not where your clothes and your hat are: I have clothes hanging in cupboards  in six places in three continents.. 
I was so happy singing Shabbat songs tonight, thinking of my two brothers in Portland, Oregon ... Yes, dear brothers, I am going home...