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lundi 12 décembre 2011

The Parallel Spiritual World: Lessons from the Kickapoo

The Parallel Spiritual World of the Kickapoo
When people say, " I am a spiritual person", the meaning of that pronouncement is lost on me. It is others who judge you to be spiritual, based on certain qualities they equate with Spirituality. It is never about Religion-Shamanism, Shinto, Nat Worship do not fall into the definition of a religion but used as a bridge to the spiritual world.
American Indians are symbolic and they understand the world around them just with a hint and with the heart, not by the logic of their minds.
It is a parallel world that exists to your ordinary everyday world.
For the Indians who live on the border with Mexico, the daily life may consist of visits to Walmart, McDonalds and working at their jobs.
But something more! as well

If i can summarize, I would say:
A Life full of 
This one week, living with an Indian family, taught me a lot about Humility. They cannot be judged or gauged using any of the social instruments of success that one would use in USA, UK, India or Malaysia, but they are much more in balance with their selves, with much less negativity, more humility. They seem to posses a great energy to bring happiness into the lives of others, they are happy when others are happy and they will strive to make sure that things are equitably distributed, they are happy to look after their elders, no value judgement placed upon the need of the person, rather just the desire to help them.
Their generosity, living surrounded by an extremely individualistic society, in legendary. I stand in awe observing their actions, which I can honestly say happens naturally. Unlike the western mind they dont mix up that which is Cultural with that which is Natural, but they act upon their instinct and for the benefit of all.
As I leave them after spending one whole wek with them, talking, eating and staying with them, observing their everyday struggle, their conflicts with the two other culture they live with, Mexican American and Anglo, I feel that I will return soon to their midst. I am impressed with their pride in their culture and their eagerness to follow the dictates of that culture.