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mardi 22 juin 2010

I love visiting USA but the Food?

Comparing to the food on Sunday Lunch in Miami (pictures below) to the simple dinner on Monday Night in Paris (photos attached, ) makes me realize that the quality and quantity of food elsewhere in the rich world, apart from the usa, is very different.. and of course healthy. But how to get this message across to my friends and patients in the USA without insulting them.. some of the food there is bordering on garbage!
I take it as compliment when my indian patients request that i leave the room after eating, since they could indulge in anything they want! We know we shouldnt eat it they say but it tastes so good! if you have a chance please watch a documentary called Food Inc. just four companies, three of them with HQ in Nebraska and one in St Louis, all in the midwest, control over 90 per cent of the agribusiness in the USA and now they are spreading their wings to other countries, such as India and Brasil!