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lundi 21 juin 2010

La Casualidad no es tan Casual BY CHANCE?

Chance, Casualidad..we often wonder. . Does chance exist? or is it accidental and a fragment of ones imagination?
We can always go to the Philosophers, the indigenous ones with thousands of years behind them and the post renaissance western ones, with a few hundred years behind them.. LIke in many things, I am surprised how the old and the new philosophies agree on so many fundamental human characteristics..

No existe la casualidad, y lo que se nos presenta como azar surge de las fuentes más profundas.
Johann Christoph Friedrich von Schiller (1759-1805) Poeta y dramaturgo alemán

Like one sees a recent German Philosopher, like Koenig, repeating an ancient Tibetan wisdom, handed down the generations to Dalai Lama.... which in turn rests on even more ancient a wisdom of the indigenous people..

The above german poet says: Chance does not exist, what we see as chance arises from deeper sources...

American Indians have often repeated to me. Casualidad/Chance does not exist, it is just that we cannot always understand what it symbolizes...

I am writing this in Paris, having arrived her after spending a delightful few days with my sister and her husband.
One evening, I wanted to go look for some children's books in Spanish for our french friends with an adopted colombian child. As I was leaving, my sister gets up and says, I will come with you.
AT the store, she went looking for other items, while i was perusing the books.. I did see her talking to a woman in a corner, but did not pay too much attention...
As we were standing in line to pay, a woman joins the line. She had a tired look to her face, so I said to her, in spanish, Please, madam, go ahead...
She steps forward and then turns around and looks at me carefully... Is your name by any chance.....
Yes, I said.. trying very quickly to place her.. where have I met this lady? Miami? somewhere else?
I am a close friend of Prof ALP, your colleague in Havana. It immediately came to my memory, this is a Jewish Lady I had met at the home of my good friend in Havana. We were talking for a while. Since my sister has met my academic colleague from Havana as well, I called her over and said: this is a friend of our mutual friend in Havana.
My sister perked up, and said: I have been talking to her at the back of the store.. I knew she is undergoing chemotherapy for cancer and i wanted to comfort her..
The three of us marveled at this coincidence. I offered my apologies. All my Cuban friends are in Cuba and when I am in Miami I am not searching for any one...
My sister who has survived 3 major cancers, was able to spend time encouraging this recent arrival from Havana about the emotional aspects and also encourage her, transfer the spark of enthusiasm. I felt good, the lady felt good and my sister felt good..
We promised to get together, especially as my colleague is coming to Miami for a visit within the next month...
I thought of the Meskwakia the first Indian tribe that I worked with, and remembered what they had said. You must look at these things as good symbols, as harbingers of some good news, the Spirits are good to you, they would say...
Certainly the good news arrives the next morning. The Surgeon who had operated on my sister called to say that all the tests, biochemical and radiological, show that my sister is free of any remnants of cancer...
You can ask yourself... are these events related?
I arrived in Paris this morning, after a very pleasant flight from Miami, my sister and her husband had driven me to the airport... Smooth Flight, French Hospitality, a glass of champagne to begin the flight etc...
It takes very little time to clear Immigration in Paris, and as I was waiting for my luggage to arrive at the carousel, I saw an East Indian Looking man approaching me.. I thought, he possibly might want some direction to central Paris..
Are you a doctor? he asked me...
a strange question... yes I am..
Doctor, I met you in Madras about two years ago when you came to visit your friend Srinivasan and we went to the Saravanna Bhavan for a nice breakfast. Of course who could forget that nice breakfast and the pleasant conversations with the delightful professor of medicine from madurai and his protege, the person facing me at this arrival hall in Paris..
He is doing post graduate studies in Chicago and the professor would arrive in two days time.. to attend the first ever International conference... now get ready for this..

First International Conference on Yawning
24 to 25 June 2010
Paris, France

Everything you ever wanted to know about yawning but never dared
to ask: ethology, psychology, neurophysiology, phamacology, FMRI
imagery, diseases, stroke, migraine, stress, displacement activity,

Web address:
Sponsored by: Association pour la recherche sur le bâillement ...

what does this all mean? I am too tired from an overnight flight... a Manha sera outra dia...