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samedi 19 juin 2010

Miami, the future Capital of the Americas.. Champagne and Asian Fusion Food!

Filipino Chinese Chef, Peruvian Student from Lima, LAN Pan Asian Restaurant
It is time to celebrate, dear friends! What ingredients do we need?
Good News! Of course, lately we have been blessed with a few pieces of Good News’…Today was the best, the news about the wellness of my sister.
Welcome Hadar Siman Tov in Haifa, Israel. And her sister Lea is vacationing in Quiberon! Nice feeling of spending last week with the Indians of Nebraska… I always leave them with a nice sense of contentment. My Kikapu sister in Mexico had a dream about my dearest friend in Asia, and it looks like she after weeks of being in Himalaya, has had her head cleared.
Time to rejoice! Time to set our priorities right!
I am leaving for Paris in a few hours time…
One of them said to me, for fifty years of my life, I don’t think the White people would understand, I have lived under other people controlling my life and now the doctors are trying to control my life by prescribing and forcing me and threatening me with their medications. That is why I chose the doctor whose homeland was recently destroyed by Earthquake, Haiti, may be he would understand us better than the American doctors…
The chef appears, a Chinese from Manila and who owns the restaurant and his fusion cuisine is truly one of the finest in Miami. We begin with Edamame beans, then a tempura/sushi combination...rice cucumber…
The grouper fish in glazed tamarind sauce, brown rice and green peas… flat rice noodles (kew teow of Malaysia and Thailand) in vegetables…
The person serving the table is a student from Peru, who does not look mestizo or Indian but more middle eastern.. Then she says her grandfather was Chinese even though she didn’t inherit his features. Ah well, this is the pleasure of Miami, people from all over the place. This is America of the future..
The bottle of Nicolas Feuillette champagne was chilled and served. Sweet and delicious. This is the official champagne of Air France. I will be having another glass on my flight to Paris as well… mmm.
It is so nice to eat and drink and share good stories with good friends. The night outside is balmy, we are all happy.
Gracias a la Vida…

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