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vendredi 11 juin 2010


A fascination with new possibilitis
shanghai.. no interest when you say that to me, despite the Expo. But mention Sao Paolo or Tokyo, my heart just jumps..
just to see the earth below and surmise the millions of dreams i am flying over now..
red tiled homes, orderly, valleys and possibly with their internet on?
I am flying over Switzerland about to land at ZRH
I looked after my sisters cancer, that does not mean that I am a specialist in Cancer Treatment..
a three month old with urinary tract infection? a sixty year old man with back me his scan results..
many of these things are out of my reach, but i have a reasonable grasp of what is going on...
I remember very well the Meskwaki indian sitting in front of me
you are the doctor and you should know
I pray oh great spirit help me out.. then i feel that he has something wrong with his kidney..
yes he did, later on we find out.
yes we must believe in something
Yes I strongly believe in the goodness of people
When MunChing wrote to me about her chance encounter with Ping Peng, I felt a gushing joy, because i believe in the good ness of peopel connecting with each other and doing good things for each other, and it can be done only if you arrive at the scene with a clean slate..
Indians consistently say, if someone cant understand you, pray that they do, see you for what you are, and if they fail to do that, just let them get out of your life...
This has been a very comfortable flight....