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samedi 3 juillet 2010

Alors, have to leave Paris earlier than I thought..

The Freedom one enjoys is the Freedom to choose but with it comes an Obligation to Serve..I was looking forward to a quiet time in Paris: cafes, writing (a book to be published in Cuba in 2010, Ojala!) and reading ( preparing for conferences and teaching ).. Alas.. emails are fast and immediate attention is required... A request to be somewhere else.. So, have to forget those langoustines at the brittany coast and off to Pita, Hummous and Kibbeh...
I am once again impressed with the courtesy the Airlines show when such situations rise and i saved a bundle by being excused of penalty charges to change my itinerary.. Flights to Cuba from France are heavily booked after 8th July and can expect that to continue until about 25th august..
Easy to fly to the Far East.. forget about getting a good fare to North America or South America..

I have a feeling this summer will fly past quickly.. Roti Canai in KL? A bamar meal at Anhwarata Road?