lundi 21 juin 2010

The Origins of Obesity in America

We can offer a thousand explanations, but one thing is clear, Americans are overweight and Obese.. and the trend is not reversing itself....
As an Endocrinologist and a person interested in the welfare of the Oppressed People to whom artificial foods were first introduced, I was horrified to see what is being served as food at an extremely popular restaurant in Miami. There were lots of people waiting to be poisoned!
First of all in no other Civilized country in this world would be portions be so HUGE..
much of the food was not fresh, muffins and god knows what used to make pancakes, syrup, ketchup full of High Fructose Corn Syrup, the "vegetable" served was diced potatos!
This was a special occasion for celebration and even though I ordered, a spinach and eggs benedict with no meat, i could not eat the muffin and the diced potatos and i left the fast food place, since this cannot be given the honorific, Restaurant.... very hungry and thank God there was some fresh Curried Goat at my sister's house!