jeudi 22 mars 2018


When you think of the early years of the State of Israel, names like Ben-Gurion, Golda Meir, Levi Eshkol, Menachem Begin, Yitzhak Rabin, Shimon Peres come to mind. They did not become leaders overnight, but it was as if they had been prepared for generations for the historic task of leading this incredible State from its birth through its infancy. All were visionaries, nurturing a sense of safety, security, caring for each other, advancing in all fields of science and technology and dreaming big.
It was Shimon Peres who said: If I have any regrets, it is that I did not dream even bigger!

Unlike many politicians of other countries, rich and poor, they did not arrive to lead with mediocre talent and lots of luck and connections. Sons succeeding fathers happens not only in North Korea but as well in Kenya, Congo, India, Malaysia just to name a few democratic states, not to mention autocratic Sheikdoms and Sultanates and Emirates.
Let us look at the genealogy of one such Israeli politician: Shimon Peres
His grandfather on his mother’s side was a graduate of the famous Volozhin Yeshiva, described as a “wise Jew proud and strong-minded”. Since the age of nine, Shimon read Dostoevsky, Gogol, Tolstoy and other Russian writers. Apart from reading the classic Jewish writers of that time, Shalom Aleichem, Mapu, Peretz, Mendele-Mokher Sefarim, he also read Russian Classics. Shimon’s paternal grandfather was an offspring of the Voloshin Yeshiva’s founder. He grew up well versed in the Talmud and could speak Hebrew, Yiddish as well as Russian and Polish.
You do not become a statesman of the stature of Shimon Peres overnight or not even in one generation!
I am reading the biography of Shimon Peres by Michael Bar-Zohar
It is an interesting, absorbing read and my opinion, respect and admiration for SHIMON PERES goes up with each page.

(photos of Technion taken during my recent visit)

Lucky to have had such great leaders at the time of the birth of the State of Israel and later on to lead the country to the state of innovation and science and technology and advances to such fabulous heights 
dwarfing most of the Europeans, in the geographical region where it is, surrounded by States and Statesmen who cannot hold a wimpy candle up !