mercredi 21 mars 2018


I had been concerned about the rise in my arterial Blood Pressure in the last few years, I had never suffered from High Blood Pressure or Hypertension but during the course of the last two years at least, I had become aware of the rise in arterial Blood Pressure. A friend of mine who is the Head of the Department of Family Practice advised me to drink more water and watch my blood pressure. I wanted to take the advice that I give my patients, do things naturally and only resort to western medications when it is absolutely or acutely necessary. 
What are the natural ways of decreasing Blood Pressure?
The doctors would advise you to watch your diet, limit your salt, eat sensibly, exercise, do not smoke, deal with your stress: general advice which is good for any illness. I wanted something specific.
I have been interested in Yogic Philosophy (Patanjali's Yoga Sutra) and have been studying Native American Indian Philosophy.
The prescription that I gave myself:
Indians would say, if a person who is disagreeable confronts, just avoid them and go around them.
I decided deliberately to stop communicating with people who were sources of conflict in my life, big and small, this included people in France, Cuba and Nebraska
Secondly: both Yogic and Indian philosophies would counsel you: when the student is ready, the teacher would appear.
Munching who had introduced me to Yoga in 2009 in Kuala Lumpur, on our last meeting in KL in November 2017, gave me the book by Sadhguru on Inner Engineering. He also stressed that attachment-aversion,  the Structural defects as pointed out in Yoga Sutra would hinder Joy. MunChing later on sent me a link to ISHA KRIYA YOGA  and recommended that I try to do it. 
I was not sure I would be able to pursue it, but I have been and the first set of readings are from today. 
BP readings at 8 31 pm and then Isha Kriya Yoga and taken again at 904 pm.

I had showed the following two readings to a colleague of mine and she asked, whether the readings are influenced by coffee or some other extraneous matter, that is why I decided to do Isha Kriya this evening, making sure that there were no stimulants or stress and that I was calm when I began and when I finished.
Any one, medical professional or otherwise would tell you that the above results are impressive: 14 mm hg of Systolic Pressure and 8 mm Hg in the Diastolic pressure, very similar to the drops in blood pressures we see when we introduce medications.
Looking at the readings from yesterday  5 pm and then again at 10 pm, similar results can be seen. So todays results are not spurious one.

My Blood pressure readings were much higher in the past few months with Diastolic pressure (the bottom reading) consistently remaining in the 90 range.
The only new things in my life were the two things I outlined above
Letting go of some people from my life
Doing Isha Kriya.

Here is the video that I follow
I highly recommend it.