mercredi 28 mars 2018


Fort Cochin has a special attraction for me, and Bristow Bungalow Hotel facing the Arabian Sea adds to the attraction. Each morning I go for a brisk walk along the seashore and each day I discover something new.
You may have eyes, but if you don't look you may not see.
This morning, there was the usual conglomeration of people, many of them doing their morning exercises, some rather comically, almost as if they were dancing. Fat muslim girls in hijab (the reason for their obesity?) are trying to walk off their fat, rather clumsily. Young and old, Hindu and Christian, the morning belongs to all of them. Very occasionally you spot a foreigners but they are obvious by their absence.
 A few hearty souls were already wading into the sea, as i turned left from the hotel, seen in the back ground, on to the promenade by the Arabian Sea.
 The sea was a little angry this morning, the day is predicted to be humid, perhaps there is a relation between the two.

occasionally I stand at the end of the water and so some Yoga asanas.
 An extra large container ship passed us by. what are they carrying? where are they going? A liberian registered ship belonging to an Emirati company?
 Who are the crewmen? most possibly Filipinos longing for Manila? or a Latino crooning a nostalgic song about unrequitted love left behind in the Colombian mountains/

I am rather fond of this plaque lying in a corner in a complete state of neglect, much like the history of Portugese in these shores,
and their Cristao language which was spoken until 2004!

I read aloud the inscription. I am unashamedly a Lusophile, I think of the remote parts of the Portuguese empire that I had visited:
Malacca, Malaysia; Syriam, Burma; Colonia , Uruguay; Porto Novo in Bein, Cabo do boa esperance, Africa del Sud..Acores, Maputo.. and of course Cochim..
Why not take advantage of Ayurvedic masssage while in he land of Ayurveda?
I am fascinated by the little shrines which ii scattered around
Cochin. This one from 1925
after quenching the thirst of this torrid day, it was good to observe the neglected Dutch Cemetery, similar in condition fo the Dutch cemetery in Malacca, Malaysia. The dutch history and the amicable dutch-cochin jewish relationship is well documented. Ezekiel Rahabi of "white" Jews was of Yemeni Origin who became very wealthy under the duth. He contributed to the rebuilding of the synagogue, his houses now are an art gallery David Hall and another one in Jewtown as you turn into the Synagogue street. 

Fine examples of the houses from Dutch and British era (Cochin Club) can be seen around the Parade ground in Fort Cochin.
i stopped by the tribal girl from Rajasthan whose family greet me with a wide betel stained toothy smile, and of course I buy my wares from them: these bangles and ear rings will adorn the hands and ears among the Indians in the Amazonas, Everglades in Florida as well as the Omaha.

The heat was becoming unbearable, time to escape into the air conditioned comfort of Bristow Lighthouse Hotel.