jeudi 1 mars 2018


Mun Ching Yong has been a friend of mine for over a decade when we met on an Air Asia Flight to Siem Reap from Kuala Lumpur in February 2008. She had played hostess to a large number of my friends who had visited Cambodia for humanitarian purposes  and her House of Glass always reverberated with laughter of American Indians, Americans, Vietnames, Cambodians and many other nationalities.
She invited Vandana Yadav from Bombay to come and give us an introduction to Yoga and that is how I got interested in Yoga in 2009. Mun Ching later on became an excellent Yoga Instructor, with changes in her life and lifestyle, getting married to a similar soul from Portugal. Her latest gift to me is the introduction to Sadhguru whom she has been talking about and has been active as a volunteer in Sadhguru's organization.
For those who may not know Sadhguru, he is a mystic of enormous proportion and his influence is increasing all over the world, on ordinary people, leaders and movers and tech giants. Her versatility is beyond words. You can read his book, the latest one being The Inner Engineering to Joy, in which he guides you to Joy and not just happiness or contentment.
It is more than a coincidence that on our last meeting in KL, MCY gave me this book as a gift and I began reading it on my way to Cuba via India, France.
The effect was immediate. I remember getting off a delayed flight at the new Cochin International Airport and being transported in an Uber vehicle. Suddenly I had this sensation that every thing around me was exuding joy and that the driver, with an appropriately pleasant name of Lorance (his grandfather was given the name of Lawrence by the Britishers and it over the decades became Lorance),it was on 21 December 2017.
That feeling of elation has not left me and has been slowly increasing, and the by product was the day I spent at Marriott Marquis Hotel in Doha, a perfect harmonious day .
I am in Miami on my way home to La Habana, Cuba.
This morning, I decided to listen to the Isha Kriya practice and meditation. Being a medical scientist, I took my blood pressure before the meditation and afterwards and of course it should come as no surprise that the BP and pulse all came down.
this app can be downloaded and followed while doing the meditation. It was extraordinarily soothing to listen to Sadhguru's voice while meditating.
Systolic Blood Pressure  135 mm Hg  Diastolic Blood Pressure 83 mm Hg  and pulse rate of 61 per minute.
This after just 14 minutes of Isha Kriya just this morning.
Here are my blood pressures 

Just a short few minutes of meditation Isha Kriya brought down the Systolic BP by 11 points, Diastolic BP by 5 points and pulse rate by 1/min. if you are to compare the results of BP taken before i started preparing for meditation, the decrease for Systolic BP is 15, Diastolic BP is 6 and the pulse rate is 5 beats per minute down. 
I plan to do this twice a day, regardless of my travel schedule for the next 48 days and will let you know the changes in my BP, I am certain it would normalize to 120/70 mm hg, the pulse of 60 is very good, but lowering it by another 5 beats would provide the heart with some relief.
These reductions are even more valuable because they are not being done by medications.
Meditation and not Medications say this Specialist Physician to the Indigenous People and who has to protect his Cuban heart of enthusiasm, exuberance and excitement.
A sweet friend of mine, A from Anhui province in China sent this photo made to look like a portrait.

here is a video for those of you who wish to follow this simple meditation ..Enjoy and look after yourselves
and big Gracias y Obrigado to my good friend, Mun Ching Yong of Malaysia.