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jeudi 6 octobre 2011


Steve Jobs in Teheran

This morning I received an email from Teheran, Iran:
Steve Jobs has died. The news made every one sad, even here in Iran, where few people use Apple products, people are not ignorant about his death. I checked Facebook, and I have seen lots of people sharing the news. There was something adorable in his character which one could see through his eyes.

The world today has been united in grief at the death of this great innovator, a great mentor, a good philosopher of life and death, who taught and inspired millions by his own example.
It made me think, there was a time we looked up to politicians, to inspire and unite and bring peace and harmony, but now the role is taken up by the innovators and visionaries as politicians have become corrupt and self aggrandizing and more interested in special groups rather than the general peace and harmony and welfare of the world.
Branson of the Virgin Atlantic inspires awe in people with his story. But can you think of any of the recent politicians in the UK that would bring that kind of awe?
There was a time, historically speaking when the world was full of vibrant politicians. Churchill in the UK, Adenauer and Brandt in Germany, Golda Meir and Rabin in Israel, Nehru in India, de Gaulle in France, Nasser in Egypt, Soekarno in Indonesia, Nkrumah in Ghana, Kenyatta in Kenya, JFK in USA, Whitlam in Australia, Tengku Abdul Rahman in Malaysia and some still living legends such as Lee Kuan Yew of Singapour and Mandela of South Africa.
Now, taking the example of India, the innovators are bountiful and pulling the country forward while the corrupt politicians drag it down, so we know the names of Ambani, Tata, Murty among others and very few of us can think of five current Indian politicians other than ManMohan Singh..
France has Sarkozy after the legendary deGaulle, we had wimpy Brown in the land of Churchill.. the examples are too numerous
The countries of greatness of yester years such as Iran are languishing in darkness, truly the middle ages have arrived for them. We will wait for a Steve Jobs from Arabia, a Churchill from Iran and a Tony Fernandez (CEO of Air Asia, which has done more to unite the South East Asian Countries than any other single person or entity) like PM for Malaysia.. it is a darkness of politics that covers us
And people like Steve Jobs are the light and the hope. Innovation and Vision has nothing to do with political ideology or religious affiliations, it has to do with the desire to help the humanity.

The world will miss Steve Jobs. Grateful to have lived at the same time as him on this earth where we could be blessed with his indomitable spirit and vision.