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samedi 22 octobre 2011


Dont listen to the nutritional advice you see on the Internet or from a person to whom you pay to hear it.. just watch the french eat.. why is that the americans tell us that we shouldn't eat this or that , this is not good or that is not good and they change it every few years and if the French were to be judged by American Nutritional and Medical Advice, half of them should be dead.. for the french eat well, not worrying about calories but worrying about good quality food, not worrying about paying a little for loca produce..

Today's welcome back to Brittany dinner consisted of:
needless to say glass or two of champagne
aperitifs olives cheese bits tomatos
tuna pie but like langoustine, bought locally or processed locally in this town of fisherman
a mellow french white or a slightly heavy red
cheese, various with bread
apple pie home made with ice cream
followed by chocolates and coffee...

dont worry about calories and fat content and the counting of carbs.. but what matters, in my anthropologists opinion is that:
we began eating at 8 pm and finished eating at 11 pm

and between the six adults, we covered the entire world in conversations, in french and english
about the history of women's rights in tunisia in face of the elections there tomorrow
the glory of the jewish life under islam in Andalusia when islam was a religion and not a suicide bombing ideology
who would win tomorrow's rugby world cup, and i said, who cares as I drowned another sip of Champagne
good conversation, good feelings, lack of stress and feeling good being in this part of France.. Brittany Bretagne Bretonia