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jeudi 6 octobre 2011

Kickapoo Friends Visit Florida

spending three days with my two Traditional Kickapoo friends from Eagle Pass, Texas/Nacimiento, Mexico was a great pleasure indeed. It made me wonder how these remnants and descendants of ancient people of this continent have maintained their superior value system to this day, despite all efforts to contaminate them.
I have known them for a while and once again I realized that they reinforced to me why they are in my life.
to teach me humility
teach you how to laugh with your heart
look at others without judging them and take pleasure in their pleasures
lack of self consciousness
they are proud to be Indian they dont want to be anything. For me, who is very proud of who I am and what I am ,it is always soothing to be with them.

Thank you for your time, dear friends, I will be coming to see you in your country soon enough.