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samedi 22 octobre 2011

Quiberon, almost as if I am back in OZ

Many years later while walking in solitude along the streets of Palermo in BA, I used to think of the innocent days in Melbourne,where I thought the flowers had the sweetest of fragrances and that the birds sang so beautifully and that Southern Cross belonged to our skies. I am grateful to have had such an innocent period in my life and that too in Australia, for which I am always grateful to that Big Brown Sunburnt Land. Even on a recent visit to Melbourne I thought I had died and gone to Paradise since every thing I remembered were the same, and with the exception of a little colour added to the scene, it was the same Melbourne, welcoming you into its bossom .
Just this evening, I arrived at Quiberon, presquile they call it , since in pre historic times it was an island and then became connected to the mainland Brittany. A historic town and a quaint town and now a favourite tourist spot for Bretons and other French people. Very seldom do I see foreigners or even people of foreign origin who live in France. So in this quiet corner of France, blessed with a violent sea on one side which swallowed many of its sons, and a tranquil view of the Belle Isle on another (the photo enclosed is of that beach)..
A walk along the beach, cafes and shops selling clothes and postcards and books and chocolates...the place has become familiar to me .. and for a moment I thought, this was the sensation I used to have in Melbourne, at that time who cared about what was happening in Serbia.. and today I am not worried about the autopsy on Khadaffi or the elections in Tunisia tomorrow or another elections in Argentina nor the Rugby match (I know nothing about Rugby, but hard to escape France is playing tomorrow) in Auckland.

For those interested in Jewish Hisotry, Musical History, French History it is nice to remember that songstress Sarah Bernhardt who used to arrive here by train from Paris, then stay at the hotel pictured before taking the boat to Belle Isle where she maintained a Chateau. Belle Isle is interesting to visit, and for me visiting her home was the highlight of that trip.

So dont expect me to be disturbed about Khameinis and Assads of this world, nor the fluctuating Euro, or the state of Health care in USA..

I am waiting for the first glass of champagne and I am sure fresh fish would be served for lunch and dinner for the next few days..