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mardi 7 septembre 2010

Eating in TRULY ASIA ... that is, MALAYSIA

Day 1 Lunch at CITRUS, at Bangsar. Nouvelle cuisine Pakistanaise. Dinner at JANBO Chinese owned, whose wife is australian who has become very malaysianized! Friends order the multiple foods for you.
Day 2 Chinese Restaurant on the side of the road, Chinatown, once again Friends take care of the orders as it happens at Demaw a popular chinese restaurant for dinner
Day 3 The worst food of the week was at this tamoul resto, at Maulana Food Court at Seri Kembangan. Flew Air Asia that afternoon, Nasi Lemak served on board. Dinner was in Yangon, Myanmar, through pouring rain, managed to find, Feel 3, the peculiar chinese maynamar style food.
Day 4 Breakfast at Panorama Hotel, greeted by some visiting businessmen from Malaysia. During lunchtime we were on the road to Chaungtha, stopping at the popular eating place where buses stop, the quality of food certainly has diminished from the last time. At Dinner time, in Myanmar, it is safer to eat Chinese Myanmar style since they are freshly prepared, as we did at a resto in Chaungtha Beach.
Day 5 Breakfast at the beach at Hotel Lai Lai. Lunch was freshly prepared fried fish with vegetables which was brought to the hotel room. Dinner was a dinner party catered by the driver and his family for 12 people where i was able to say my Shabbat Greetings.
Day 6 Nice to sit watching the sea while having breakfast at Lai Lai Hotel. Chinese noodles at Pathein township and a chinese myanmar style lunch at Pantanow town, in a freshly appointed resto, whose owner has a guest house at Chaungtha Beach as well. Nasi Lemak was served on the flight to KL from Yangon
Day 7 Lunch at the delicious Oversea Restoran and Dinner was equally good at Hai Lai Ton where a chinese wedding banquet was also being held.
Day 8 an upscale nouveau cuisine mixed asiatique at Delicious at Mid Valley Mall and as a party gesture, a Roti Canai from a slim tamoul girl at Food Court in KLIA.
Malaysia never fails to meet my expectations when it comes to food. It has the best chinese food on a daily basis (of course you will need the help of a local chinese friend) in South East Asia...
On to Seat 4 D Lufthansa flight to Paris via bangkok and Frankfurt...