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dimanche 26 septembre 2010

Thinking about a Quote by Bertrand Russell

Bertrand Russell: “there is far too much work done in the world...immense harm is caused by the belief that work is virtuous.” These are ruminations, pardon the pun, of a Foodie.. or a wannabee Foodie at least..
in fact the title of this blog should be
I have noticed that Food or planning/thinking about Food gives me as much as planning the journeys in which I hope to consume these Food. I was aware of this preoccupation, when a colleague requested my presence at a conference one month hence, I replied: where could we have lunch afterwards?
My blogs always mention something or other about food, friends who made that food available to me and places and countries where good food is not easily available (such as United States of America or Namibia)
I am writing this blog on board Lufthansa Flight 683 Miami to Frankfurt, a 747-400 a beautiful aircraft to be a passenger in.. seat 83 K ( check seat for the location and configuration of this seat!)
Louis de Sacy Champagne, France of couse. I have not heard about this brand, nor seen this rather unattractive bottle in any of the shops. But we begin our 40 hour journey with this fizzy "amber fluid" (monks, right?)
8 hours and 12 minutes to FRA. 3 47 pm leave the Gate and take off at 4 15 across the landscape of Miami that I can recognize easily into a formation of clouds which obscure clear views of the Bay and the Beach..

This is the menu for today's dinner
Caviar with the traditional garnishes
I shall skip the seasonal salad.. it fills up my Asian stomach, small I suppose, so that I cant do justice to the main meal, which is
Zuchini wrapped Halibut, sweet potato, Bok Choy, Shitake Mushrooms
Shall I have a cheese plate or indulge in some sweets? Brie/herbed goat/morbier/gruyere and Roquefort with grapes

they offered Sherry, also Campari was on order but after a drop of the sherry I went back to another glass of Champagne. A fruity flavour, little bitter for my taste, the sherry La Guita..
watching a documentary on MEKONG river in China.. Red lipped Yunnan Golden Monekys among them.. ( do you know any other animal with red lips?). on my previous flight on LH, which was on August 15, from KUL via BKK to FRA, I saw another episode of Mekong River, this time filmed in Cambodia, it was lovely to see the Irrawaddy Dolphins, who lives in a pod near Kratie.
Asparagus with cream sauce to whet your apetite.

Facts you might be interested in
Mekong begins its long journey at Zadoi, in the Tibetan Plateau, where the Nomads live on and with their Yaks
Yak Milk has 7 % FAt whereas the Cow's Milk has only 4%
Excellent Documentary, made by Discovery Channel.
Now to enjoy some japanese musci videos. 5 30 pm in MIA 11 30 pm in my part of Europe.
not that good
Switch to Arab Music Videos. There is somethign that runs so common in veins.. jews and arabs.. the food and the music are examples of that. My brother E and I are both fans of Mizrachi music and ME/Arab Food...Lebanon or Algerie.. it is okay with us..
The main course was just delicious.. It is created by the Chefs working at Ritz Carlton hotels in the USA.
A glass of south african White
2009 Isabeau
Allee Bleue, Franschhoek, Western Cape, RSA
Ayman Zbib singing his heart away..
Changed my mind about the dessert
Chocolate Molten Cake, vanilla bean icecream and marinated Berries
to acoompany that taste, a drop of
2009 Krug'scher Hof, Eiswein, Menger Krug, Deutschland.
Because of my newly found love for China, let me watch some music videos from China
All singers had christian names, such as Eason or Will or Nancy.. reminded me of the aping of the western culture in Singapour and Malaysia..Eason Chan?
a bit of a disappointment, just old fashioned rock music, circa 1960/70, with no innovation, no originality, imitates US and Japanese Pop.. and failing at it. What next?
while waiting for the dessert... how about Tamoul VideoClips..
at least we know that they are masters of imitation, claiming no originality! ( more than 50 % of the Bollywood music are plagiarized from wherever.. the other day i was listening to Rachid Taha singing a song and soon the scene switches to a bollywood scene where they are singing the exact same tune in Hindustani!)
and in the tamoul videos, the moves are area almost always the same, slightly chubby boys and girls trying to imitate Michael Jackson with their gyrations.. but it is in their innocence of the things western which they are aping that I find great pleasure in..
It is time for dessert.. watching Tamoul video clips and thinking our tamoul brothers in Malaysia..I have never met a Tamoul who could gyrate in this fashion!
Nespresso! what else!
made into Capuccino.. viola!
1AM the blanket has arrived, it is a little bit of sleep
4 55 AM European Time, woken up with a glass of freshly squeezed Orange Juice. Hot Towel
Flat Bed. Too few hours in between meals to sleep
It is already time for Breakfast
On the offer yoghurt with granola, no to this one
how about, freshly prepared scrambled eggs with a bit of salman on top
It was 6 33 AM when the flight touched down at Frankfurt.

A Nice Flight ...Now a long wait for my next flight.. more pictures to come..