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samedi 28 août 2010

Excess in the Land of Plenty

Arriving soon after a visit to Myanmar, two weeks ago I was in Yangon, the food served at the American Resto in Miami, Bahamas Breeze, gives me a great sensation of wonder.. as if I am seeing a manufactured monument to something or other, in this case perhaps to the Excess of this society. You notice that the air conditioning is colder, and is left on in the houses and hotel rooms, cars all seems to be new, people seem to be poet neruda has a line in one of his poems.. I have never seen people so happy...
The portion sizes were gargantuan! even an appetizer was enough a meal for two.. I had Mahi Mahi ( I wonder where it came from? from a farm?) well done with almond crust... but it was big even for two people! The food was tasty indeed, tostones were, yes you guessed it, were twice the size, with heaps of vegetables and cheese melted on top of it.. I was so surprised and felt insulted that they didnt serve cuban coffee, we were at a neighbourhood which is fairly cuban, and the staff was mainly cuban.. even the waiter exclaimed.. I dont see why they dont serve Cafe Cubano.. But we have jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee.. but let me tell you something, most of the people in our table have good knowledge of Jamaica and its coffee and the coffee served at Bahamas Breeze certainly was not the true Blue Mountain Coffee.. it tasted more like the blend that they sell at supermarkets...
so a nice introduction to life in America.. and one thing is for sure, in not many countries can a meal like this be partaken with such good, openhearted, welcoming, friendly people..