vendredi 24 septembre 2010

Once again it is time to Leave the REZ

Each time I leave the Indian Country, I say to myself, this has been a good visit. I am fortunate that I have been saying this for many years. At times, before a journey to the Indian Country, the difficulty in getting here is a little bit distracting; flight from Paris to a point in the USA and then after a wait of some hours, to an airport which is 100 miles south of here, stay at a hotel nearby, rent a car and leave the next day..
This visit has been excellent. I checked 654 Indian Children for a marking called Acanthosis Nigricans.. I must have checked more Indian children for this marking than any one else.. and the Clinic where I participated in the care of the Indian patients with Diabetes was nothing short of wonderful, the clinic staff being very considerate and the patients rewarding us with getting better.
When I sent this photo to a friend of mine in Shanxi in China, she wrote.. if you forget the wooden house, the picture could have been taken in China, ah well, even the dog looks like the one in my village..
Continental Airlines to Houston and change planes to Miami, will arrive at my sisters home at around midnight...
Thanks once again, dear friends at the Indian Country..