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samedi 25 septembre 2010

Continental Airlines and Me.. a perfect fit for a Frequent Flier

it never ceases to amaze me the luck I have with Continental Airlines! I am writing this in Miami having just arrived here on CO 190 a 737-500, safely transported in seat 1 A. The chief flight attendant was extremely attentive and caring, with a tinge of Jamaican accent to her neutral non american accent! when I left the aircraft, I was the first one to do so, she wished me a good day, addressing me by my name!
Buoyed by this and the fact that arrival in Miami always excites me, even after so many hundreds of times of being here..My bag, a recent acquisition about six months ago, hard material, red in colour to easily identify. But i was disappointed to see, the corners of the luggage dented and in one corner there was definitely a tear..
One word about luggage handling in the USA in general and Miami in particular. It seems that the hired hands are venting their anger and frustration at this exploitative system of work by punishing the bags. This is not the first time a luggage of mine has had similar fate in Miami and the only time my luggage was pilfered with was in Miami, one of those charter flights to Cuba!
I waited for the busy attendant at the luggage area, and she said, give me a few minutes i would be with you. I thought to myself, there would be forms to fill out and then they would send me a 25 dollar travel certificate some times in the future. I already planned to go to TJ Maxx and buy a luggage before my 3 45 pm departure tomorrow to Mekong Delta...
I presented my Platinum Card and very soon we realized that we had so many friends from Continental Airlines Miami Ticket counter in common. She looked at my luggage now sitting there with a torn shoulder, and disappeared into the offices behind. I didnt know what she was doing, nor did I realize when she appeared with a brand new Delsey luggage ... would this do? she asked and even then i was not sure what was happening.. suddenly i realized, continental airlines is giving me a brand new bag for the damage done to my fairly new luggage..
I was elated and glad to be free of shopping in the morning.. I shall spend the extra time with my sister...I am sure she will prepare me some ackee and saltfish for breakfast... before my flight to Frankfurt on LH.
While i am extremely lucky in my travel with, counter agents at airports, flight attendants, coustomer service managers and the frequent flier programme reward givers, i am extremely unlucky with the choice of my fellow travellers. Today at seat 1 B was an older woman with a hardback copy of Daniele Steele ordering a vodka tonic even before the flight took off. Needless to say, I did not befriend her.
Continental Airlines has upgraded me on my flight to Europe tomorrow, seat 83 K on a 747 400 belonging to Lufthansa.. Muito Obrigado.